Introducing Nightwatch Finance

Although Blockchain is secure, Blockchain Smart Contracts and Applications are not this is why Nightwatch Finance aims to help give thorough security analysis of your blockchain applications’ smart contracts to correct design issues, code errors, security vulnerabilities and lots more.

We are a professional security auditing company that aim to ensure your platform integrity and project reliability via accurate security assessment. We also create highly professional token contract based on your request.

Our Auditing Service Covers:

Smart contract audits

Nightwatch Finance understands that security is of utmost importance in the blockchain space this is why our comprehensive smart contract audit service helps you to launch and maintain your blockchain applications. Our exceedingly thorough analysis help correct design issues, errors in the code, or identify security loopholes. Below is our audit process to ensure your platform is ready for mainnet:

· Agreeing on a specification

· Running tests (unit testing)

· Running automated symbolic execution tools (static analysis, dynamic analysis)

· Formal verification

· Manual analysis of the code

· Creating a report

Advanced Penetration Testing

By employing in-depth security inspection and using the latest ethical hacking security tactics, we work round the clock to detect critical weaknesses in your smart contracts before they are exploited by frauds. Our dedicated team uses hands-on ethical hacking techniques to imitate the techniques used by threat actors to ensure that your project is fully secure.

Token Contract Service

As a company that is set to help change the course of the blockchain industry, we offer token contract creation service based on your request. With us, you can go from idea to having a valuable token created for you with full control, flexibility and security without lifting a finger. Nightwatch Finance expertly handles token contract and security processes to save you time and money based on our expertise and experience in the industry.

Why Nightwatch Finance

Because smart contract audits are never enough to ensure your company is safe. Halborn brings award-winning, ethical hackers and blockchain specialists into your company to protect the services and apps working directly with your preferred protocol from cyber attacks.

Industry Experience

Our team has years of experience in the security audit and smart contract creation niche of the blockchain industry. As such, we ensure detailed planning and requirements analysis, so that we can learn as much about your project and goals as possible to give you the right solution for your blockchain project

Formidable Team

Our team is made of up technical experts in the blockchain industry, certified ethical hackers with blockchain proficiency and smart contract professionals. With this, you can count on us to give your project the best security audit that is free from any kind of deficiency

Affordability and Accessibility

We are accessible any time and our fee is pocket friendly. We made this to ensure that even if you are not making money from your blockchain project yet, you can easily get your smart contract audited to ensure maximum security and reliability.

Timely and Cost-effective Solutions

Our solution is timely and cost effective. Once you reach out and we understand your project, we move at the speed of light to ensure that the right solution is provided for your project — be it security auditing or token contract creation.